Exercise Reps/Sets/Duration Description Personality Twist
Warm-Up: Marching on the spot 5 min March in place to get the blood flowing. Imagine dodging a toddler or pet as you march.
QB Squats 3x10 Perform regular squats, pretending to dodge tackles. Channel your inner quarterback, evasive and agile.
Touchdown Reaches 3x12 Stretch arms high, then reach down to touch your toes. Reach for those snacks on the top shelf, then down for the dip!
Sideline Shuffles 3x30 sec Shuffle side-to-side as if moving along the sideline to avoid going out of bounds. Keep it light and bouncy, maybe throw in a ref's penalty flag gesture.
Victory Dance 5 min Freestyle dance to celebrate a touchdown. The goofier, the better. Let those victory moves shine!