Welcome, insurance agents! If you’re in the bustling world of auto and home insurance, you know the drill: you get leads, you follow up. But let’s be real, the same old follow-up routine can feel as dry as reading the terms and conditions of an insurance policy. It’s time to rev up your SMS game! Why? Because your phone isn’t just for avoiding calls from your mother-in-law; it’s a powerful tool for engaging prospects. Here are some punchy SMS templates and tips that will not only get you responses but maybe even a few laughs!

1. The Casual Check-In

“Hey there! I noticed you were checking out auto insurance quotes online recently. Finding the right deal can be tricky, huh? If you’re up for it, I’d love to help you sift through the options. ????”

Why it works: This message feels like a nudge from a friend rather than a pitch from an agent. It’s casual, friendly, and acknowledges the recipient’s struggle without being pushy.

2. The Jungle Explorer

“Hello! Saw you were looking into home insurance options online. It’s a jungle out there with all those quotes, isn’t it? If you need a hand or some advice, just let me know! ????”

Why it works: Comparing the insurance market to a jungle? That’s relatable content right there. This template connects on a human level, making you seem more like a guide than a salesperson.

3. The Overwhelm Soother

“Hi! I caught that you’ve been exploring ways to save on auto insurance online. It’s overwhelming with all those numbers, right? Let’s chat about finding the best fit for your needs. ????”

Why it works: Everyone hates feeling overwhelmed, especially by numbers. This message offers a helping hand, showing that you’re there to simplify things, not complicate them.

4. The Deep Diver

“Hey there! Noticed you were browsing home insurance policies online. It’s important to make sure you’re fully covered. If you have any questions or want to dive deeper into your options, I’m here. ????”

Why it works: This SMS emphasizes the importance of being thorough, appealing to those who might fear missing out on crucial details. You come off as thoughtful and thorough.

5. The Helpful Guide

“Hello! It looks like you’ve been on the hunt for new auto insurance recently. The search can be a lot to handle. If you’re interested, I can share some tips or help guide you to the right policy. ????”

Why it works: Sometimes, all a prospect needs is a little guidance. This template offers that in spades, positioning you as the helpful guide ready to illuminate the path to insurance enlightenment.

Sprinkle Some Humor and Watch Engagement Grow

Why stick to mundane messages when you can spice things up? These templates are just the beginning. The key is to keep things light, personable, and occasionally witty. Remember, nobody wants to be sold to, but everyone likes to be entertained. So, channel your inner comedian, and let your texts reflect that fun side.

By adopting these engaging and funny SMS templates, you’ll not only stand out in the sea of sameness but also build a connection that could convert leads into customers. So, grab your phone, pick a template, and send it out into the world—your next big client could be just a text away!


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