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John Graham

Hi! My name is John Graham and I’m the motivated founder of Little Giant Marketing. I’m from South Jersey, Philadelphia area and graduated from Cabrini College with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing while playing Division III soccer.

Since graduating in 2009, I’ve developed unique partnerships with insurance agents. Through working with agents, I discovered a beneficial partnership agents need; a marketing team who can generate leads, streamline processes, and build marketing automation. With this partnership missing, it prevents agents from scaling quicker, retaining customers and staying focused.

Before LGM, agents would spend time researching software solutions then spend more time planning and developing marketing campaigns while making sure they were cost effective. Is it possible? Absolutely, however, very difficult when wearing multiple hats.

It is more achievable, productive and profitable to work with a trusted marketing partner who can work on your behalf. This is why I started Little Giant Marketing. I became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Consultant to deliver agents a fully developed marketing automation system that is custom to their needs and goals. This enables agents to put a cost effective marketing strategy in place without the dependency of one particular marketing method. I will always recommend unique marketing ideas to you as well as implement your own ideas so we can continue to evolve (and not evaporate).

With each new relationship I build with an agent, the more Little Giant grows with better and better strategies for agents. I’ve integrated Facebook leads to developing websites and publishing articles.

I have strategies fitting any budget and will move at the pace that fits your culture. Let’s scale your agency together!

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