Most agents have trouble scaling with internet leads

Without automated processes and reporting, another month goes by without growing.

The Solution

We build, manage, and report to make working leads easier.

6 Steps to Talk to More Leads

Increase your contact rate today using our templates included in this document. Check it out >>>

Tracking Your Success

In your Little Giant environment, every step of the process is tracked, so you can make educated decisions to keep making the program more successful based on your Profit per Lead metric.

All metrics we can track:

  • Lead Source
    • SMS reply rate
    • Quote rate
    • Conv. rate
    • Cost per Policy
    • Profit per Lead
  • Producers
    • Disposition rate
    • Calls per lead
    • Quote rate
    • Conv. rate
    • Cost per Policy
    • Profit per Lead
  • The same metrics can be tracked by your lead attributes as well
    • Current carrier
    • Zip Code
    • Credit
    • Homeowner
    • Age
    • And so much more

Partner Plan

"John's systems and assistance have helped me obtain a higher contact rate, more reviews, and more sales for my agency! I can see which reps need help and even edit my round-robin assignment to feed more leads to higher performers."

Step by Step Plan

Schedule a call below to see if our New Business Growth Plan is a fit for your goals. On our call we’ll…

1. Review your existing new business strategies and goals.

2. Walk through our 12-week New Business Growth solution

3. Go through your competitiveness, so we can optimize your lead stream

4. Pick a date for launching the program and training

5. Finally, the best part… Receive access to your real-time Dashboards

Dan's Story

Title: Owner

Company: Kitajima Insurance Agency

Before Little Giant, Dan...

  • Spent around $10k a month on advertising
  • Manually assigned new leads
  • 8% average close ratio
  • Wrote $80k in new business a month

After 30 days with Little Giant, Dan…

  • Increased close ratio by 4.5% (12.5% total)
  • Increased new business monthly premium to $100k
  • New automation campaigns saved 100 hours

After 90 days with Little Giant, Dan…

  • Increased advertising budget by 300%
  • Increased close ratio by another 4.3% (15.2% close rate overall)
  • Increased new business premium by another $15k
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Frequently Asked Questions

Little Giant provides you with pre-built automation campaigns, proven SMS & email templates, and advanced reporting dashboards. Our system is very customizable and each of our agent’s disposition forms looks different depending on what they want their team to see.

We can also build and launch any campaigns you think of. Cross-sell, win-backs, renewals, x-dated, pending cancellations, etc. You name a campaign, and we build it and launch it.

Our biggest difference and game changer is our Real-time Reporting Dashboards.

Our goal is to build a long-term partnership since our solution is built to scale agencies. However, you can cancel at any time if your business pivots in another direction.

Yes, we’ll be able to import any excel list into your system. We will also build a campaign for following up with contacts in your list. We will scrub and queue your campaign throughout the month.

Absolutely. Our dialer will not replace your existing phone system. We don’t want to change your most important tool to close deals.

However, you can choose to have your team make outbound calls through our dialer, so you can track this activity in your reporting dashboards. If there are any inbound calls from those dials, the calls will forward to the producer’s office line.

It can typically take 5 – 7 days to build out your sales environment. On launch day, we’ll setup a team training session and all of your logins, dashboards, and campaigns will be ready to go!